Grand Tetons
Oxbow Bend on Snake River

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Western Treasure's photo pages include Historical Archive photography of "Americana," Chief Plenty Coups, and the Nez Perce People. Our "Americana" archive photography features photos taken during the 1800s with an emphasis on photography depicting Western settlement. Our Chief Plenty Coups' archive photography presents the life of Chief Plenty Coups, the last Chief of the Crow Nation. Our Nez Perce archive photography focus on the Nez Perce People during the 1800s with an empahsis on the Nez Perce War of 1877. You will find included in this section archive photography of many of the government leaders and military officers and enlisted men involved in the turbulent 1800s and the Nez Perce War of 1877.

Stan Hoggatt's Nez Perce black and white photography depicts landscape photography of important aspects of the Nez Perce Trail taken by the Nez Perce People during the War of 1877. Stan's Black and White photography also features Nez Perce People and leaders of today.

Stan's Western landscape photography is presented in black and white as well as color. The Western landscape photography presented helps capture the essence of the West and includes photos of Bannack, Montana (1st Territorial Capital of Montana), the Big Hole National Battlefield, the Absaroka, Beartooth, Bitterroot, and Grand Teton Mountains along with Yellowstone National Park.

Attractive Stationery Note Cards of Yellowstone National Park with historical narratives for each of the images in the collection are presented in this section.

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