"Old Herd"
Photo Taken in 1994
at Winchester, Idaho,
on Nez Perce Tribal Lands

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"NiMiiPuu Traverse Yellowstone Plateau" CD Textbook
Color Map (48X33") "NiMiiPuu Traverse Yellowstone Plateau"
Color Map (32X22") "NiMiiPuu Cross Absaroka Divide"
Color Map (32X22") "NiMiiPuu Triumph at Clarks Fork Canyon"
Pen & Ink Waterproof Map Set for Field Use (2 @ 24X18") "NiMiiPuu Traverse Yellowstone Plateau"
Pen & Ink Map (24 X 18") "NiMiiPuu Cross Absaroka Divide"
Pen & Ink Map (24X18") "NiMiiPuu Triumph at Clarks Fork Canyon"
"My Country" Pen & Ink Drawing of General O.O. Howard and Chief Joseph (Young Joseph)
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"Old Herd" Leather Bound Photo Album
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