Nez Perce Photography

The Smithsonian Institution's National Musuem of Natural History along with the Nez Perce National Historic Park and other archive facilities have contributed to the historical interpretation of the Nez Perce people during the 1800s by making their archive photos available for public viewing on the Internet. In the archive photo section you'll find photos of Chief Joseph, Chief Looking Glass, Chief Timothy and other Nez Perce people. The archive photo section will be expanded in the future and will include additional photos of Nez Perce people and their leaders as well as photos of Governor Isaac Stevens, General Howard, General Sheridan, Agent John Montieth and the Reverend Henry Spalding—men shapping the destiny of the Nez Perce people and of a nation.

Photography of the Nez Perce Trail continues to be expanded and will eventually include photos of the Bears Paw Battlefield, the Big Hole Battlefield, the Clearwater Battlefield, and the White Bird Battlefield and other sites along the Nez Perce Trail. Contemporary photography includes photography of Nez Perce People, Nez Perce Elders and Nez Perce leaders of today.

We hope you enjoy the photographic presentation. Please accept our standing invitation to visit us again when you can.

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