"Old Herd" Photo taken July, 1994, on
Nez Perce Tribal Lands, Winchester, Idaho

"Old Herd" photo of colt

In late May of 1877, Chief Ollokot along with his brother, Chief Joseph, and members of the Wallowa Band began gathering their livestock in order to move onto the Nez Perce Reservation as ordered by General Howard. Their cattle herds and horses were spread over a million acres of difficult and rugged terrain. Tragically, time did not permit the Wallowa Band to gather all their stock before departing on the difficult journey ahead. Chief Ollokot entrusted the care of the Appaloosas he was unable to locate to a rancher he had befriended. The rancher, his family, and their descendants honored their commitment to Chief Ollokot. And, in the mid 1990's, the family returned the "Original Herd" horses of Chief Ollokot's to the Nez Perce people and gave them to Irvin Waters. Irvin Watters was a direct decendent of Chief Ollocott; however, Mr. Waters did not have the facilities to care for the horses.

Arrangements were made with Rosa Yearout and her husband John to serve as caretakers of the "Old Herd". Rosa and John own and operate the M-Y Appaloosa Ranch in Lapwai, Idaho, which is where the Nez Perce Tribal offices are located. Rosa and John breed and sell their outstanding Appaloosas throughout the United States and Canada. Together along with family members, they manage a herd of Appaloosa mares, stallions, and colts numbering nearly 100 head.

The photographs taken of the "Old Herd" on the following 5 pages were taken by Stan Hoggatt while he and his wife were visiting Bob and Vivian Burns in Winchester, Idaho. Bob, who has since passed away, was a former superintended of Yellowstone Park and was responsible for the land acquisition for the Big Hole Battlefield. Bob was the first superintended of the Big Hole Battlefield and lead the way in creating one of the most spectacular national battlefield monuments in America.

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