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Approved by NPTEC Resolution NP03-293, March 25, 2003. Review and printing of the Nez Perce Tribe Human Resource Manual is permitted: 

The Nez Perce Tribe Human Resource Manual The Appendix for the Human Resource Manual
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Lapwai >    PHONE: 208-843-7332       FAX: 208-843-7414


Aspires to build  partnerships with employees at all levels of the organization to create a culture that values all employees and will enhance the productivity and quality of employment. Provide a neutral place and foundation for effective communication and services for successful employment and personal lifestyles.  Integrity, sensitivity and quality in service, delivery will focus on strategic and progressive HR practices.



Continual examination and focus on the workplace needs to develop, improve, sustain and practice principals of fairness, equity and understanding for a quality, productive and safe environment.

Achieve cross-functional expertise and reliability to ensure time-sensitive, accurate and dependable service delivery.

Provide the highest level of integrity to  maintain and safeguard employee confidentiality.

Enhance the work ethic by encouraging employees to set personal and career goals.

Foster an infrastructure of effective communication between employee and employer at all levels.

Seek employment tools and technology to improve and perpetuate the employability and employment of the tribal and local community.

Educate employees of the importance of protecting, preserving and perpetuating tribal resources.

Educate employees on the NiMiiPuu culture and history, including the relevance of treaties, and the government to government relationship unique to tribes.

Ensure HRM compliance, ongoing review of HRM for prudent changes.

Promote tribal sovereignty through tribal and Indian preference; and tribal Human Resource policies in lieu of state or government agency employment laws when applicable.



Resource Center for:

  1. Policy development

  2. Employee relations

  3. Recruitment

  4. Compensation

  5. Training and development

  6. Employee benefits

  7. Data Center/Info management


  1. Class description review/development

  2. Position classification w/wage scale

  3. Advertising-weekly posting, ads, website.

  4. Application assessment

  5. Interview question dev/conduct interviews.

  6. Application status notification

  7. Applicant Eligibility List

  8. Position Reclassification Process

  9. Internal Transfer Process

  10. Background/reference Checks and Driver's License Checks

  11. Tribal, Indian, Veteran Preference.

Evaluate Human Resources Program policies/procedures for utility and organizational design and review.

Provide accessibility for HR Services.

Implement/oversee Drug Free Workplace Policy, Intern Policy, Workman's Compensation Management.

Provide statistical reports:

  1. Monthly employment reports

  2. Quarterly temporary hire reports

  3. Employee development/training report

  4. Employee benefits utilization reports

Provide employee assistance:

  1. Interpersonal conflict mediation

  2. Grievance procedure

  3.  Other employee complaints

  4. FMLA Compliance/guidance

  5. Civil Rights Title VII compliance

  6. Tribal/Indian and veterans preference

  7. FMLA, Education, Workman's Comp.

  8. Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

  9. Employee benefits assistance

  10. Assess need, identify resources and facilitate employee/supervisor training and development.



  • Vacant, HR Director

  • Roberta Bisbee, HR Generalist

  • Debbie Henry, Risk Management Coordinator

  • Alexes Baptiste, Executive Assistant I

  • Robert Kipp, HR  Technician

  • Melissa Guzman, HR Benefits Data Tech II

  • Vacant, Office Specialist II/Data Tech



  • Recruitment

  • Employee Benefits

  • Training and Development

  • Class Description development

  • HRM Compliance/Revision

  • Personnel Services

  • HR Records Management Systems

  • Medical Records Mgmt System

  • Confidential Records Mgmt. System

  • HR Data System and Reporting

  • Drug Free workplace Implementation

  • Employee Orientation

  • Wage and Salary System

  • Tribal, Indian and veterans  preference System in hiring, promotions and training.

  • Workmans Compensation Coordination




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